Exposing some frauds for what they truely are…

Tuku Morgan. Nanaia Mahuta. Serco corporation. Private prisons. Storm-trooper raids on Maori communities. Fascists. Legacies.

Hitting the headlines recently is the giant of the corporate jailers, Serco, and it comes as no surprise to us that Serco have been accused of fraudulently charging for prisoners that did not even exist in Serco’s jails. At this early stage the fraud is estimated to be in the tens of millions and we reckon that it will climb higher as the true extent of Serco’s fraud is uncovered. Little wonder that Tuku Morgan, whose legacy to the Tainui tribe so far has been one of corruption, lies, costly lawsuits, and massive waste – it is little wonder that Morgan has been so vocal in his support of Serco as he attempts to commit his own version of the fraud by conspiring against the Tainui people in order to line his own pockets and supporting the facist agenda by becoming the owner along with Serco of corporate jails, in which to incarcerate our very own people. Heil Hitler!

Another fraud who pretends that she is serving her Maori community when in fact she is just further supporting the disgusting fascists is another of our own, Nanaia Mahuta, by giving tacit support to her racist overlords by refusing to speak out about the 2007 lockdown and armed invasion of the Ruatoki Maori community by hundreds of police storm-troopers armed with machine guns who smashed their way into homes, terrorizing the community. Like the political pawn that she is Mahuta plays party politics by refusing to support an inquiry into the armed invasion and by way of these actions and her own non-actions they have silenced the real Maori victims of these raids. We all know that this crap would never have happened in some nice rich white community (rich Tauranga, or wealthy Remuera), but by Mahuta these acts of terrorism against predominantly Maori communities are perfectly acceptable, right? On the anniversary of the 1863 invasion of the Waikato by government forces, is this the legacy that she leaves behind as she reaches the end of her political career?

These people are scum. Next up on their agenda is the dismantling of the Tainui people’s parliament and the thieving of the tribal resources to suit their own ends.

Te Kauhanganui under review – another sham!

rubber-stampThe governance review committee’s deliberations are geared in a particular direction – towards finding grounds for rejecting the current structure where even the smallest back-country marae wields the power of a vote in Te Kauhanganui – the kind that Henry Van Der Hayden says is “in the way.”

Their plan is a simple one. Change the structure of the tribal representation. Fill it with patsies. Take all the money.

Expect Nanaia Mahuta and co. to find grounds for a smaller governance structure. Where its rigged at the final hurdle so that less marae will participate – what they have wanted all along, a rubber-stamp parliament under the complete control of a few elitists.

The OTHER election…

We would be foolish to send any of our votes in the direction of John Key and his rich mates, although Tuku Morgan would love to see the asset sales come to pass. If National stays as the government the poor underclass dwellers better get ready to be smashed all over again -and with huge numbers of unemployed that means us!

Labours Nanaia Mahuta has already done enough years in Wellington and qualifies for fat pension benefits forever! She is sitting pretty but she’s lazy. Apart from doing nothing she gave hard-out support for the Seabed and Foreshore modern day raupatu law and she is on Labour’s list so she’s already in. Don’t vote for Nanaia.

Tariana’s and greasy Peter Sharpel with the fake smile want your vote too. The Maori party deserted their supporters when they lined up to kiss Key’s butt and Peter Sharpel got a $2 million dollar plastic waka as part of the deal. Please ignore these fools on election day! The gut feeling amongst voters is that greasy Peter and Tariana’s Maori party are about to be wiped off the map come election day. Anyway, a vote for the Maori party is also a vote for National and Act. Boo.

Mana presents a more honest way of doing business. They will present a voice for our people. They will fight for the poor and downtrodden, thats us! Angeline Greensil works harder than lazy Nanaia ever did. Remember that Mahuta is already in on the list, lets get another one of ours into parliament to fight for our people and against those who want to keep us down.

Lets vote cleverly and strategically.

Either way, cast your vote for More Maori in Parliament!

Their greatest fear is if we actually come to use all our votes on election day.

Power to the People! Do it!

Nanaia tries to say something:

“The Mona Lisa”…but she ends up saying nothing as she sits on the fence in typical politico style:


Hauraki Waikato MP Nanaia Mahuta says Tainui needs to get its house in order.

The tribe’s executive fended off a bid to sack it by getting a high court injuntion postponing the half-yearly meeting of the tribal parliament, which was to be held on the weekend.

Ms Mahuta says the squabble with the executive means Te Kauhanganui is failing to take care of the tribe’s business.

“Quite frankly, sooner or later people got to put egos aside, look at the business before the tribe, huge decisions need to be made and Te Kauhanganui and the marae must give direction or have to opportunity to give direction on some really critical issues facing us,” Ms Mahuta says.

Shout goes out to Waatea News Update!