Right Royal Bludgers…


Theres bugger all difference between the british bludgers and our homegrown Tainui bludgerers!



Tuku’s vision: Gulag for Tainui

Like a fool, Tuku Morgan has been sold on John Key’s vision of the privatisation of prisons in NZ. Tuku, and other iwi ‘leaders’, bought John Key’s tale of mega-profits from the jailing of mostly Maori prisoners. Tuku tries to push the idea along the lines of ‘trying to help our people out’ with rehabillitation programs while they’re in jail.

BullSh!t! The fact is it’s all about huge profits achieved through cramming prisoners into jail, maintaining a high occupancy rate for more profits, cutting prisoner help programs for more profits, and cutting staffing levels to dangerously low levels for even more profiteering. It’s all about just one thing, and that means jumping for joy whenever Maori get thrown into jail and that means sucking from the tit of mega-international corporation Serco. The latest PR propaganda release parroted by a compliant mainstream media (MSM) to show Serco in a positive light is here: Anger over ‘Club Med Mt Eden’.

The real truth however, is rather abysmal.

Here’s the actual sad truth about the inhumane conditions for inmates, including the brutal treatment of young children, at Serco centres:


King’s son in boyracer crash

Yet another example of a burnout gone all wrong...

Doing burnouts, apparrantley…

By Yvonne Tahana
5:30 AM Monday Jun 6, 2011

Witnesses say two teenagers, one of them a son of King Tuheitia, are lucky to be alive after this crash.

Police have laid charges after the Maori King’s younger son was involved in a boyracer crash from which witnesses say he was lucky to escape alive. More

Maori King’s son on boy racer charges

Maori King’s son on boy racer charges
Last updated 11:45 06/06/2011

A son of the Maori King has been charged by police after he crashed into a power pole in Huntly on Saturday night – and a witness says the boy is lucky to be alive.

Korotangi Paki, King Tuheitia’s 16-year-old middle child and youngest son, was driving a Mitsubishi Lancer that hit the pole on Riverview Rd about 9pm. More