And Here We Go Again…

Te Kauhanganui are looking take the power back at their next meeting on August 28 when they gather to change the rules.

Well whaddya know, what do you think will happen?

Yeah, that’s right, Tuku’s stooges on the Te Arataura committee will do everything that they can possibly think of to have the meeting aborted with their dirty tricks just like they did in May and June.

They’ve done it before and They will try it again. We’ve come to expect no less.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

We have been disgusted by the turn of events today, that Tuku HAS managed to SABOTAGE the Te Kauhanganui meeting sheduled for this Saturday by DELIBERATELY failing to provide adequate notice of the meeting.

First it was his main monkey and Fellow Te Arataura member Charles Joe who sabotaged the May meeting and now Tuku does the dirty work himself to have this one abandoned.

Either way Tuku and Te Arataura have committed political suicide

In the face of a Tainui tribal parliament who only wants to conduct business openly, fairly, and honestly.

Tuku has only bought himself some extra time before the inevitable, thats all.

Thanks again to Tribal Goss for the heads up!

The Hypocrite Speaks…

The monkey who shows complete contempt for democratic decisions made by Te Kauhanganui say this… ???

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Sabotage at Tainui

Te Arataura Monkey's are up to no good!

The monkey’s on Te Arataura are attempting to sabotage the Te Kauhanganui Meeting scheduled for June 18th just like they did with the May meeting because Tuku dosen’t want the financials revealed even though he is legally required too! Go Tuku!

Joe Charles, fraudster at work…

Introducing Joe Charles, Nga-Hau-e-Wha Marae representative, current and soon to be former secretary of Te Arataura. Charles breached the rules of the Tainui Tribal Parliament by failing to give the required 21 days notice to Te Kauhanganui members of the impending May 28th meeting.

This monumental c0ck-up is made even worse when Secretary Charles realizes that everything is all gone to sh!t! and proceeds to signs off on the notice in someone else name -none other than Te Kauhanganui chairwoman Tania Martin! In a lame attempt to implicate her as being responsible for his own incompetence!

With such a pathetic attempt to smear Tania Martin, this is further proof that Joe Charles is the empitome of such a desperate, incompetent douchebag!

Tuku’s message to Tariana Turia and the Maori Party

“There is one message that we give to you. Sort your house out. A house divided is completely unhelpful” said that great Tainui hypocrite Tukuroirangi Morgan.

Timaru Herald

Even writers in Timaru are commenting about Tainui!

Tainui’s political infamy has spread far beyond Waikato’s main road and even residents of Timaru (a town located halfway to Antarctica) have taken notice and the Timaru Herald has some words to say about Tainui’s dirty politics.

Troubling times as Tainui factions form

The recent spate of reports flowing from the Waikato regarding the in-house fighting of Tainui are worrying. The latest flurry of accusations to be levelled at certain members of Waikato- Tainui takes the public back to a time when they found themselves in difficulty from a number of high-risk investments including owning the country’s only rugby league franchise, the Warriors.

Reflecting on that time they were simply bad investment decisions. In comparison with the number of high-flying finance companies that have gone bust over the past two years, some will have sympathy for the plight of Tainui. To their credit the string of bad investments made by Tainui were reversed and they now find themselves as major economic players within the Waikato .

The latest criticism to face Tainui however is more concerning. Read the rest of the Timaru Herald article »

NZ Herald, Jan 26, 2011

NZ Herald commentary.

Brian Rudman: Blow to kingly power exposes royal farce

For an old republican like myself, the bloody noses the Tainui tribal parliament gave King Te Arikinui Tuheitia Paki and his right-hand Rasputin, Tuku Morgan, on Saturday, was a moment to savour. Read the rest of the Herald article »