Teach them how to suck eggs why don’t you?

Instead of creating real value and job opportunities for our youth the tribe does what? They publish a basic – very basic – guide to writing a CV in the Te Hokioi magazine! What an insult to the intelligence of the young people. Even those fools down at WINZ give out better guides for free.

The fact of the matter is that all the old farts are living longer and holding the jobs, while the young people are locked out of the job market.

Here at the blog we offer much better advice for the young people – get some qualifications, preferably a trade, or even academic. A qualified person’s earning potential is greatly increased over unqualified people (ask your parents lol). Only a tiny fraction of people will ever make a living from playing professional sports. Go get a qualification instead because you will never earn money from putting selfies on Facebook – no matter how hard you try!

Here’s a better link to writing a great CV/resume.

And a document about Maori youth unemployment. The situation is dire.