Ryman in the news again…

Mad Mike Pohio and TGH must be thoroughly sick of us harping on about Pohio’s premature sell-off of the 22.5 million Ryman shares that resulted in the tribe missing out on a huge fortune. The ineptitude of TGH –the loss which is measurable in hundreds of thousands $$ per week– goes on and on as Ryman announces record profits and future growth expansion.

RYMAN HEALTHCARE: Ryman celebrate record profit.

They’re promising 12,000 jobs

The corporate lies coming from Mad Mike Pohio & co continue…

Picture of a moron. Mad Mike Pohio.

Picture of a moron. Mad Mike Pohio.

The sh!t that Rahui Papa says (our comments in the bracket thingys):

“Everything we do has to be for the people.” (F*cking rubbish!)

“Glory of independence.” (Another f*cking joke.)

Rahui, have you paid back the money, you know $10,000 dollars that you took from the tribe?

Oh wait a minute, isn’t this all to do with the imaginary $3 billion dollar truck-stop? But the people over at Tainui Group Holdings don’t have $3,000,000,000 sitting in their cheque account. Has the government decided to fork out the $3 billion instead?

Oh wait another minute, the banks sure as hell won’t give TGH the leverage that they want unless all the tribal assets are put up as security. I bet Rahui Papa and Mad Mike Pohio ‘forgot’ to put that in their press release. Everything could be lost. How badly do you want these goons to risk everything?

Mad Mike Pohio wants us to “trust” him.

We’re already in the hole for $300 million because of Mad Mike Pohio. Remember Mad Mike lost the tribe at least another $120 million because of the premature sell-off of millions of Ryman shares for $2.60 each. They are now worth about $8.40. We continue to be stupefied over Mad Mike’s moronic decision.

Hang on, 12,000 jobs won’t appear tomorrow as if the magic job-fairy sprinkled a load of magical job-dust all over Tainui! Another detail got left out of Pohio’s press release, any job promises are projected far into the future at least 30 years, but more likely 40 or 50 years.

They are making it up as they go along.

What a big joke – all their wonderful promises are only supposed to eventuate long after the liars have disappeared from this plane of existence. How convenient!

Those goons release more rubbish and we are supposed to swallow it. Yeah right! More

Waikato Education Scholarships & Mad Mike Pohio

Trickle-down in action – crumbs for the masses:

Waikato Tainui education grants for 2014

Waikato Tainui education grants for 2014

Hundreds of students will receive an education grant. Last year the total for education grants came to $900,000. In addition, one individual will receive between $1 and $2 million. Tribal members numbering tens of thousands will receive nothing. The elderly who apply for a grant will be subject to strict conditions before they receive assistance. The ‘one individual’ is not constrained by such conditions and is free to drink booze at luxury casinos with millions of dollars worth of tribal donations to his shonky Ururangi Trust.

In the meantime Mike Pohio of Tainui Group Holdings has been talking big about his multi-billion dollar inland container depot. What a load of rubbish. It just doesn’t add up. People talk about taking billion dollar risks while the vast majority of tribal members have not received a single dollar from the tribe!

Mad Mike Pohio knows all about dodgy investments. Flashback to 2011 and Tainui Group Holdings owes loads of cash to the banks and are about to crash. Mike went and sold off Tainui’s stake in the Ryman company for $58 million. They called it a windfall at the time. We called it madness as the market was in a massive slump. We called it right because the market has hit highs since the selloff – those shares would be valued at $176.6 million today!

Mad Mike Pohio and Tainui Group Holdings sell Ryman shares and loose $118 million

Tainui Group Holdings sell Ryman shares and loose $118 million

Although to be fair to Mad Mike you will not be surprised to learn of Tuku Morgan, Maxine Moana, & Shcaffhausen’s involvement in the crazy decision which led to the tribe missing out on $118,625,000.

Happy Holidays!

Lets remind Mike Pohio about Ryman

Hey Mike! Remember when you sold that bunch of Tainui shares, the 22.5 million shares in the Ryman company back in 2011? You sold out for $58 million. Hey Mike do you remember where the stock market was at that point in time? We will remind you Mike, the stock market was at a huge low point Mike. That’s right, low-time, big time! The point about buying shares is to sell them when the price is high right? And you sold low, right? Right thats what we predicted back when you hocked em off! Guess what Mike those very shares are trading at $6.40 today! You sold ’em out for a lowly 2 bucks fifty-eight Mike! Today those shares are worth $144,000,000. Sweet Jeezus! One hundred and forty-four million dollars. How much did you lose for us Mike?

You sold us out, you screwed up and lost us a f%#king fortune – Mike Pohio you are such a f%#king idiot, thats what.

And are we supposed to get advice from a clown like you when your desire is to get rid of Te Kauhanganui so that you can continue on your merry way? Hell no!

Bull market, stocks at a 5 year high

Such a pity, Tainui aren’t riding that wave. Why? Because last June the boss of TGh, Mike Pohio sold off the stash of valuable Tainui shares in the Ryman healthcare company for $58 million. Sounds good? Nah! Mad Mike Pohio sold out when the market had bottomed out. Bad decision. Anybody with common sense knows that you must HOLD when the market is low, right? Today those shares are worth $4.20 each. If Mike Pohio hadn’t made the absolutely stupid decision to sell those shares they would be worth $94,500,000 today.

A selection of the MSM headlines in the months after Mad Mike sold out; “Ryman shares provide nest egg”, “NZ shares rise on Ryman’s record profit”, “Ryman shares surge after record $84m profit” etc.

Today TGH face the embarrassment of the possibility of selling tribal assets to cover the losses. We reckon that Mad Mike will go begging Te Kauhanganui for permission to raise the debt levels higher to cover the losses. As if $250 million worth of debt wasn’t enough already. Slippery slope!

Whats the bet that when Mad Mike does start flogging off the best bits of the tribal estate that it’ll all be done in secret as they cover their tracks.

Ninety four million five hundred thousand dollars. Unbelieveable.

3/8ths Mike Pohio loses $23,000,000

Mike Pohio, 3/8ths pure. He’s here to help?

A little over 13 months ago Mike Pohio sold Tainui’s stake in Ryman Healthcare for $58 million at approximately $2.58 per share. Today those shares are worth $3.62.

Take a quick look at the math:

August 14 2012, 22.5 million shares @ $3.62 equals $81,450,000.

Mike Pohio of Tainui Group Holdings lost $23 million of your money. Over a year, that’s the equivalent of losing a staggering $442,307 per week!

Mike is in a hurry to help the community, by the way!

TGH in the poop?

It’s been noticed by the detectives over at Tribalgoss that despite being full of ‘professionals’, Tainui Group Holdings has missed the deadline for filing it’s financial reports.

Recent events at TGH include:

  • Chairman John Spencer was sacked back in May, has he been un-sacked?
  • Instead of holding, TGH dumps 22.5 million Ryman shares because they need quick cash.
  • This years profits $23.1 million down from $34.1 million the previous year, blamed on the sluggish economy.
  • Net operating profit down a million to $14.9 million.
  • Operating cash flow $14.1 million down from $21.1 million.
  • $10.5 million dividend paid to shareholders (so that Te Arataura can blow it on inflated lawyers fees).
  • Greedy Mike Pohio wants more debt money to play with, $250 million in fact, taken out in your name Tainui!

Tainui Group Holdings did not file an annual return, what are they trying to hide?

Has TGH done this deliberately to avoid disclosure before Te Kauhanganui’s next meeting on Saturday?