Solomon: the 50 year old who thinks he’s a young person

Solomon: Crook & liar attempting to make a comeback

Shane Solomon, Turangawaewae Marae candidate for Te Kauhanganui position. One of Tuku’s buddies trying to resurrect himself on the tribal political scene:

  • Eccentric, unstable, and a failed businessman. He is known as Tainui’s broke entreprenure who is constantly living on the brink of bankruptcy.
  • In his last term on Te Arataura, Solomon led the fake restructuring of the organization along with Rukumoana Shaffhousen. On Tuku’s orders the sole aim of the restructuring was to have the former CEO, Hemi Rau, sacked. Rau proved this and it cost the tribe plenty. The fake restructure cost the tribe $500,000 and in addition, they had to compenstae Rau out of court.
  • An alcoholic living in his own world of make believe, whose body reeks of booze so badly that it’s said that being seated next to Solomon in a vehicle is akin to torture of the senses.
  • Consistantly voted against Marae directives eg. Solomon was instructed by the Turangawaewae marae committee to vote against the aforementioned restructure, he and Pare Panapa went their own crooked way and voted FOR it.

It’s obvious that planting Solomon is a desperate move by Tuku Morgan to seed Te Kauhanganui with crooks that he can depend on. As a “Rangatahi” representative. What a crock!

Our advice to Turangawaewae is don’t!