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The job of the mainstream media (and Tuku Morgan etc) is to make you believe that you as an individual are powerless. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many small acts can make a huge difference:


Monsanto has spent the past three decades wrecking our environment, poisoning our bodies, and pushing species of crops to the verge of extinction with a wide array of toxic products. And Monsanto’s signature herbicide, Roundup, does all these things at once — but Monsanto has lied over and over and said that the product is perfectly safe. Yet independent research has found the chemical is creating herbicide-resistant superweeds, making a species of butterfly extinct, and disrupting normal human body functions.

Monsanto has inflicted awful damage upon the Earth and its inhabitants, but the company is finally facing significant blowback. Now, while the tide in the ongoing war of consumers vs. the agriculture giant is swinging our way, it is the time to call on Monsanto to tell the truth about the effects of Roundup.

I told Monsanto to provide more information about the real effects of Roundup here: http://action.sumofus.org/a/monsanto-roundup-dangers/?sub=taf

Thank you.

Say no to GMO's

Say no to GMO’s