The $10 million dollar question…

A great piece of detective work by Chris over at Waikato Politix uncovering Mike Pohio and Nathan Yorke’s massive $10,000,000 Taupo investment flop. They would have preferred that the scandal remain hidden from us…. but the truth always gets out aye boys!

Those blindfolded chimpanzees at Tainui Group Holdings were desperate for the tribe’s $70 million relativity clause payment to cover their gambling investment losses!

If Tainui Group Holdings can’t even get a $10 mil resort for rich folks (not for you) up and running —why on earth should we trust them to gamble the entire tribal assets (you know that belong to us) on a glorified $3 billion dollar truck stop??


Continuing the Harassment

The persecution of Hiona Marae continues. Patsy Mclean (idiot) and Tama Potaka (fool) are still attempting to have the delegates from Hiona Marae ejected from Te Kauhanganui. It has become apparent that the hand of TGH is behind the financial mess at Tainui. Same old, same old…