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If your last name is three letters long and begins with an ‘R’, today you might be quite chuffed… Tom Roa is confirmed as the chairman and Hemi Rau is named as the vice-chair for Te Arataura.

After a long day at Hopuhopu, Te Kauhanganui was unable to reach a consensus on who should fill the vacant 11th Te Arataura seat. What a relief, we even thought that they might be dumb enough to vote Tuku back in although he did get many votes.

Tuku lies: Morgan confirms himself as Tainui negotiator

It’s not surprising that Morgan’s mouth has lost control again and this time he’s mouthing off about being voted in as the claim negotiator. True to form however, it’s a complete fabrication of what actually happened. The blog’s over at Tribal Goss and UnattachedNZ have rightly pointed out that that at the Te Kauhanganui hui of 28 August, 54 marae voted to receive the half year report.

Where on earth could someone interpret that as meaning that Tuku gets a mandate to take out negotiations on behalf of the Waikato claims?

As far as we are aware of, the last mandate was given to Bob Mahuta back in 1990-something to do the Waikato Raupatu claim.

Tuku’s buddies over at the compliant mainstream media corporations are happy to parrot his lies but we here at Eraka’s blog can put the record straight.

Te Kauhanganui did not vote 54 to 4 to give Tuku a mandate for anything.

Morgan confirmed as Tainui negotiator

Wednesday 31st August, 2011

Tainui executive leader Tukuroirangi Morgan says its full steam ahead now the tribe’s parliament has endorsed him continuing as its claim negotiator.

A meeting of Te Kauhanganui on Saturday voted in his favour by 54 marae to four, and refused attempts by its chair Tania Martin to confirm her interpretation that the parliament’s meeting in August had expelled Mr Morgan.

He says members believe the chair has been trying to mislead them, and they want the arguing to stop and the tribe to move forward.

Mr Morgan says Waikato Tainui has an important stake in the Tamaki Makaurau settlement, both through it’s for mana whenua hapu and through its wider longstanding links to the region, so it’s important it has strong representation at the table.

Mr Morgan will also represent Waikato-Tainui today at the investiture of Brigadier general Jerry Mataparae of Ngati Tuwharetoa as governor general.

Waatea 603

Smear Job: Tania Martin

Here’s the report of the police investigation that ROBIN WHANGA initiated, with the full assistance of TUKU MORGAN, TE ARATAURA, and CHAPMANN TRIP -paid for in full by the people of the Waikato Iwi.

The whole aim of this outrageous exercise was to lay BASELESS allegations which were not supported by any facts, against Tania Martin because she dared question the excessive spending done by Tuku and his Te Arataura mob.

Yet another example of what is wrong at ‘Tainui’ when a few criminals abuse the resources of the entire tribe in an effort to destroy one person.

1 Harris St Huntly
Re: Police File No: 110707/9898
Re Complaint into Financial Mismanagement at Hiona Marae

Dear Sir

On 6 May 2011 you met with Detective Inspector PACE and discussed with him a complaint that you had in respect of alleged financial mismanagement by those involved with the affairs of the Hiona Marae. However, it is clear that the subject of this complaint is at Ms Tania Martin who I understand was the former chair of Te Kauhanganui (Waikato Tainui Parliament) and who has been somewhat outspoken in relation to some matters within the Kingitanga and in particular she has been critical of spending within Te Arataura the parliament’s executive board.

Ms Martin is the representative of the Hiona Marae.

In addition after that meeting you subsequently provided a box of documents to the Police which were relevant to this complaint. More

And Here We Go Again…

Te Kauhanganui are looking take the power back at their next meeting on August 28 when they gather to change the rules.

Well whaddya know, what do you think will happen?

Yeah, that’s right, Tuku’s stooges on the Te Arataura committee will do everything that they can possibly think of to have the meeting aborted with their dirty tricks just like they did in May and June.

They’ve done it before and They will try it again. We’ve come to expect no less.

Patience where are you?

The usually boisterous and ‘larger than life’ Patience Te Ao seems conspicuous by her silence.

Perhaps the Tuku Morgan sycophant is keeping her head down in case the mud flying around at Tainui sticks to her and ruins her chances for the easy big money opportunities with the Auckland Super City

The Memory Remains #1

A comment was posted on one of our blog posts reminding us of the time Rahui Papa ended up in Tuku’s pocket for a lousy ten grand.

There was the unfortunate matter of a house fire at the Papa residence a couple of years ago. Aparrantley the children were in the house at the time and luckily the darlings were unharmed, so we were told. The fire left the Papa’s homeless and nearly destitute, and Tuku took it upon himself at the next Arataura meeting to give Mr Papa a non-refundable gift of $10,000 Tainui money to help him in his time of need. The problem was that Te Arataura aren’t allowed to go doleing out thousands of dollars to whoever they like and Tuku was in the sh!t.

Anyway to make a long story short they need to get Tuku out of the cra p so they simply changed the rules and came up with the “Rahui Papa Hardship Grant”, which they duly made retrospective and were able to cover their sorry a$ses, and further protect Tainui’s charitable purposes tax-free status from being in jeopardy!

The kindly folk of Tainui also took to making bank donations to help out Mr Papa, but they were not too kindly when they saw him gambling away their donations at the Hamilton Casino on a regular basis.

The Papa’s were taken in by whanau soon after the fire, however, family members found out that with this particular branch of the Papa family the little darlings turned into little devils and started wrecking their new accommodations and became rather unpopular house guests!

And Mr Papa remains in Tuku’s pocket to this very day.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

We have been disgusted by the turn of events today, that Tuku HAS managed to SABOTAGE the Te Kauhanganui meeting sheduled for this Saturday by DELIBERATELY failing to provide adequate notice of the meeting.

First it was his main monkey and Fellow Te Arataura member Charles Joe who sabotaged the May meeting and now Tuku does the dirty work himself to have this one abandoned.

Either way Tuku and Te Arataura have committed political suicide

In the face of a Tainui tribal parliament who only wants to conduct business openly, fairly, and honestly.

Tuku has only bought himself some extra time before the inevitable, thats all.

Thanks again to Tribal Goss for the heads up!

Chapman Trip tries to cancel the Te Kauhanganui Half-Yearly Meeting

Documents emailed Eraka’s Blog today show that legal firm chapman trip are fighting to have the June 18 Te Kauhanganui meeting abandoned due to a legal technicality. STay tuned…

Tuku gets even more desperate

This weekend, TE KAUHANGANUI gets ready to put out the trash, scum, and villains.

We got another phone call this morning and guess what? Tuku and his flunkies are desperate to have the Te Kauhanganui meeting this coming saturday cancelled and are using mega-expensive law firm chapman trip to work against Te Kauhanganui.

This means more huge legal bills for the people of Tainui and its obvious that coward Morgan will try anything to avoid facing up to the people at Te Kauhanganui.

If Morgan has the guts to show up, rest assured that he will be accompanied by his expensive lawyers who will ripoff the Tainui tribe to the tune of $1,000 per hour.

Get rid of Tuku Morgan.

Get rid of collaborators chapman trip.

The Guilty Scum for their collusion against the people of Tainui.

Big waste of money! (again)

So how much Tainui money was wasted by Morgan and his butt kissing monkey board in their attempt to bankrupt the Te Kauhanganui chairperson in a vain and useless attempt to get out of paying the 40 thou costs in complete defiance of a Tainui tribal parliament resolution.

Was $100,000 burned by Te Arataura recently, or was it $200,000, or more? A complete waste with a ridiculous effort when all the drama could have been avoided, and saved thousands if Te Kauhanganui’s original instructions had been followed and the original 40 thou been settled upfront.

Is it true that the monkey board is abusing the wealth of Tainui to drag the chairperson of Te Kauhanganui through futile legal appeals is an attempt to bankrupt her and thus have the financial review of Tainui spending cancelled. The financial review that Tuku Morgan and his monkey board have fought tooth and nail to have buried so that the people of Tainui are to be kept in the dark about their own information.

Is it because some individuals have been using the wealth of Tainui as their own personal piggy bank to spend obscene amounts on their own worthless activities, and don’t want those revealed?

Hold them to account!

Clean out your closet Te Kauhanganui.

Get rid of Tuku Morgan. Get rid of Te Arataura.

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