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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

We have been disgusted by the turn of events today, that Tuku HAS managed to SABOTAGE the Te Kauhanganui meeting sheduled for this Saturday by DELIBERATELY failing to provide adequate notice of the meeting.

First it was his main monkey and Fellow Te Arataura member Charles Joe who sabotaged the May meeting and now Tuku does the dirty work himself to have this one abandoned.

Either way Tuku and Te Arataura have committed political suicide

In the face of a Tainui tribal parliament who only wants to conduct business openly, fairly, and honestly.

Tuku has only bought himself some extra time before the inevitable, thats all.

Thanks again to Tribal Goss for the heads up!

Sabotage at Tainui

Te Arataura Monkey's are up to no good!

The monkey’s on Te Arataura are attempting to sabotage the Te Kauhanganui Meeting scheduled for June 18th just like they did with the May meeting because Tuku dosen’t want the financials revealed even though he is legally required too! Go Tuku!

Joe Charles, fraudster at work…

Introducing Joe Charles, Nga-Hau-e-Wha Marae representative, current and soon to be former secretary of Te Arataura. Charles breached the rules of the Tainui Tribal Parliament by failing to give the required 21 days notice to Te Kauhanganui members of the impending May 28th meeting.

This monumental c0ck-up is made even worse when Secretary Charles realizes that everything is all gone to sh!t! and proceeds to signs off on the notice in someone else name -none other than Te Kauhanganui chairwoman Tania Martin! In a lame attempt to implicate her as being responsible for his own incompetence!

With such a pathetic attempt to smear Tania Martin, this is further proof that Joe Charles is the empitome of such a desperate, incompetent douchebag!

Its been said that…

…certain Tainui executives have taken to labeling Hukanui Marae as the “traitor Marae” in their conversations… that’s typical behavior that we expect from those people anyway.

the Maurea Poukai

It will be a very interesting day at Maurea Marae!

It seems apparent that the Maurea Poukai on Feb 26 looks set to become a modern maori battleground of sorts… with the maori king astounded by the unwillingness of his disloyal peasants to toe the line… and having already boycotted Hukanui Marae they are rallying the executive troops together… ready to dish up the dirt on Te Kauhanganui chairwoman Tania Martin… because the Tainui parliament meets the following day on the 27th…

Whats at stake? Millions & Millions…

Whats in the way? An uncooperative Tainui tribal parliament… a financial review of Tainui executive spending… governance review… transparency… accountability…

[The boycotters of the Hukanui Poukai are getting ready to make their grand show at Maurea.]

Hukanui Poukai day commentary

Kia ora! A huge shout goes out to Paree for this wonderful contribution:

Hukainui Poukai was full of Arohanui with a good turnout of Ngati Wairere Whanui and the vistors who came appreciated the Flag flying of Te Atairangi Kaahu our recent beloved Queen. Her Daughter who came down to our Pokai from Te Puea Marae in Mangere with her followers were blessed and showed her love with tears of Gratitude and sadness her Brother Tuheitia may have missed out on on such a humle Pokai by the locals who all worked so hard to make it a happy and successful day regardless of the setback..

Maybe the person who returned Kingi Tueitia,s flag thru her own selfish judgemental attitude of Ngati Wairere nui tonu may regret her selfish motives, cutting herself off by her actions and power seeking motives with no regard to the Poukai Kaupapa of having been actioned by Kingi Tawhiao for the Widows and ophans of the past to the present in his time of Reign to Wairere our Tupuna.

Maa na ano hei patu itona kino mo tona mahi ia Ngati Wairere..AkeAke Tonu…

NZ Herald Jan 29, 2011

Enigma of a strong Kingitanga woman who’s staying staunch
By Yvonne Tahana
11:03 AM Saturday Jan 29, 2011

It’s been a difficult time for Tania Martin, the Waikato-Tainui leader who bounced back last week from a political crisis sparked by her scathing November report about executive tribal spending.

King Tuheitia fired her as a chairwoman of the tribe’s parliament, Te Kauhanganui, shortly after.

However, she refused to distance herself from her report which asked for greater transparency and a review of Te Arataura’s (Tainui’s executive board) activities.


Poukai flag stolen…


Mrs Monkey, could you pleese return the flag you stole!

Would the cheeky monkey who stole the Poukai flag from Hukanui Marae please bring it back.

The Hukanui Marae committee would really love to have their flag returned and are promising to give the cheeky monkey lots of bananas if She returns it in good condition. Kia ora!