Mana Dotcom

The Mana party needs all the friends that they can get. A partnership with Kim Dotcom brings many benefits including greater media exposure – which in an election year is like gold nuggets for free. We are sure that Mana can get more votes with friends like Dotcom onboard!


Orifice of the king pushes for more

In spite of the latest $1.6 million cash injection – the rumors are swirling that Whakaruru and the orifice of the king are demanding even more cash from the people!

P.S. while not forgetting that orifice of the king insiders Tuku Morgan, Timi Maipi, and Rahui Papa orchestrated the recent ‘Tainui Development Authority’ ripoff that scammed a cool million bucks from the river protection fund. These are the same scumbags who barely blinked an eyelid when they squandered millions of tribal dollars on Auckland law firms hardly 2 years ago.


Good news: Ariel Sharon is dead. Lets celebrate!

There is one less zionist war criminal on the planet. The murderer of refugees and children is dead. Good riddance! Amen!

Ariel Sharon: Serial war criminal, mass murderer. Sharon’s career was built on massacres – from Qibya in 1953, to Sabra and Shatila in 1982, to Jenin in 2002…

End the occupation. Freedom for Palestine!

End the occupation of the Palestinian homeland. Freedom for Palestine!


Shopping therapy?

No doubt that Tuku Morgan hasn’t wasted any time giving alcoholic Rahui Papa the Maori king’s shopping list… we’ll probably only find out about the millions of tribal funds spent on the crap long after they have tried to block the release of the financial reports!


Tugger Jones

I must admit that I have something in common with Nanaia Mahuta. Every time I see Shane Jones on TV, the sight of him makes me feel like throwing up!


Te Kauhanganui July 13 meeting abandoned

Due to an internal balls-up which affected the legality of the meeting, common-sense came to the fore and it was abandoned. Lessons learned?


Have they really screwed up the declaration for the AGM on July 13?

Oh My Gawd.

Flashbacks of saboteurs Charles Joe’s and Tuku Morgan’s deliberate issuing of multiple bogus meeting notices immediately spring to mind!


Hey Tuku why don’t you tell us about what happened to $18 million?

Where did the eighteen-million dollars of settlement money go Tuku? Is that why you are so desperate to restructure the tribal governance, in order to cover up the missing tribal money and give yourself a clean slate? We are sure of that.

“We hang the petty thieves while we appoint the great criminals to public office” – Aesop


Tainui personnel jumps ship

Whoa! News just in – lead Tainui claims personnel have jumped ship and are off to run the Ngai Tahu claims operations. Its reported that others are planning to follow the move down south.

Working conditions are so toxic at Tainui that good employees are leaving in droves. Where on earth will you find experienced replacements once those people are gone?


They would like to think of us as sheep…

sheep-ruled-by-wolves-owned-by-pigsWe have to say that “sheep” is an accurate description of what the tribal “elite” think of us ordinary Tainui folk… sheep that are being led by the wolves in order to be shorn, fleeced, and butchered.


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