Sir Henry Dick

“You fools can have the Mana and I’ll take the Money”


It hasn’t taken Sir Henry Jack Squatt long to slip into his role in order to screw the people out of their tribal assets. Sir Henry the Dick tried to say that he saved Fonterra from the same kind of crisis. What a load of crap. The grab at Tainui could only happen at Tainui.

We reckon that Sir Henry Dick will begin to manufacture a crisis – along the lines of the Maori king’s false calamities – in order to screw the flaxroots tribal members out of $70 to $80 million in phase one, and move to phase two with the complete annexation of the tribal assets.

Of course Sir Henry Dickshitt will talk himself up big time as the saviour of the tribe and of course he must take everything of value in order to save the tribe from this time of manufactured crisis!

Standing in the way of Dick and his crew of liars is something that they see as having no value. Something they perceive as being valueless. Worthless. That is the ordinary people. The flaxroots. You lot.

That means getting rid of you, getting rid of your voice, getting rid of your rights. The dumping of the tribal democracy. When you thought that you were getting stuff-all from the process, just wait until they take it all!

Would the shareholders at his beloved Fonterra take this kind of crap from Sir Henry Dick if he tried to give them the axe? Of course they wouldn’t, so don’t tolerate it here at Tainui!

Get up. Stand up. Keep what belongs to you. Before its too late.

Their agenda has been revealed and it could never be clearer. For all those out there who would criticize our team at the blog. This is what we are about.


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