If you were wondering… it was all staged

It should come as no surprise to you all that the mock execution of Tom Roa as the executive chair should follow closely at the heels of the Maori king’s son’s maiden speech (and what a maiden he is!) with the kid’s shameless propaganda effort to pin the “forked tongue” insult on a man who holds integrity and honesty as his guiding principles. It is little wonder that the Maori king’s own house-n*ggers Morgan and Whakaruru are behind the shenanigans which have seen a man of principle and respect – being dumped and replaced by the bumbling alcoholic Rahui Papa and his drug induced sidekick Tipa Mahuta. The criteria for taking the chairmanship from Tom Roa being not one of respect or the capability to do a good job but resting solely on those individuals penchant for licking the boots and a$$holes of the Maori king, the king’s son, and the house-n*ggers Morgan and Whakaruru. We should insist on drug testing of all the Te Arataura executives.

The crooks now hold the tribal checkbook in their greedy little fingers. Watch as the financial cover-ups and spending on the few elitists goes through the roof!

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  1. Cory
    Sep 01, 2013 @ 14:13:38

    Wow– harsh words — a bit hard hitting– Sadly it’s correct !
    Is there any one left in Tainui that gives a toss — seems like we all want to be disassociated from the tribe — to ashamed to admit we are Tainui —
    Here is a thought — get a few who care to organise a secret meeting — take legal action and freeze the assets and accounts of the trust — report known information to the SFO — stand back and watch. The law has been broken and leaked information can be forwarded to the SFO to prove this.
    Sad sad sad- good bye Tainui.


  2. stuart Kent
    Sep 10, 2013 @ 06:58:25

    cory im amazed myself, i know there are good people in tainui it is sad that they cannot unite and weed out these people whos soul purpose is to line there pockets at the expense of there own people. i agree with you step in now and bring the SFO


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