Friends in low places… Whaleoil

WTF? Whaleoil wins the best blog award at the Canon media awards. Well its no surprise when the main judge for the award is National party tea-bagger Debora Hill Cone.

And to top it off, Canon’s reputation has been damaged by being associated with Whaleoil.

It just goes to show the power of the blog. The mainstream media outlets must be sh1tting themselves as they are about to be ejected into irrelevance. Eraka’s blog must have come close to winning the award though ;-D

Maybe next year!

Remember when Slater described a Kings student who drank himself to death as “a toffee-nosed school boy, a dead thief and a liar who couldn’t handle his piss. I always said King’s boys were poofs.”

Remember when Slater published all the details of businessman Matt Blomfield whose stolen computer he ‘obtained’?

Remember when he was convicted of breaching a variety of name suppression orders?

Remember when Slater published the personal employment details of a wharf protestor?

Remember when Slater posted a fake Green Party press release that inspired threats of violence against Russel Norman?

Remember when Slater publicized a doctored interview with Jim Anderton edited into Anderton saying an earthquake would need to strike for him to lose the Christchurch mayoralty?

Remember when Slater was wanting looters in Christchurch to be shot in the stomach so that the death would be slow and painful?

Remember when he claimed Chris Carter’s mother who was dead for 12 years was still using a taxpayer cell phone?

Canon should be ashamed. How ugly that such a hateful person can be celebrated by a mainstream media awards ceremony. How on earth was Deborah Hill Cone allowed to be the judge? Toby Manhire and Giovanni Tiso are one million times more talented than Slater.

.@Whaleoil blogster of the year for breaking Len Brown story. Judge Deborah Hill Cone. Cam booed during speech w jabs at Fisher, Vance—
Chris Keall (@ChrisKeall) May 09, 2014

And the winner of laughing at dead babies/people category (drumroll): @Whaleoil—
Mr Bomberbastic (@BradGibbons) May 09, 2014

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  1. Charlie B
    May 11, 2014 @ 10:28:55

    Mate Canons reputation is not damaged by whale oil who are just a right wing scumbag outfit “controlled by factions” with in the rich white cocksuckers club.
    The reason I say that is because the average Joe and Jane Doe would not have a clue as to what is really going on behind the scenes. Most people are too busy just trying to put food on the table for their familes and pay their mortgages to survive.
    What else can they do? They are locked into a system that is rotten to the core.

    Inspite of all the corruption in NZ plottertics, nothing changes. Slater is bought and paid for just like mainstream media. The devil looks after his own. You are right in saying the power of blogging is immense, however it is uncontrolled and sooner or later it will be bought to heel. The reason I like this web site is you can say anything you like which surprises me. How long that continues remains to be seen?

    Mainstream media are well aware that they live on borrowed time and I should know I work for one of the biggest on the planet. These fuckers are living on borrowed time and they know it which is why I am getting out. I cannot wait for the day they bury themselves and have a 1000 tons of concrete poured on top of them selves. Their days of serving the public are over, no one tells the truth anymore especially the presstitutes. The game is rigged folks, it’s all bullshit? Wake Up!


  2. Charlie B
    Aug 17, 2014 @ 15:15:26

    Off topic you have gone very quiet Eraka? Did you get a visit from the GCSB or did you get rolled by a superior force who have abducted your website and now spying on us?

    I never believed this site was all about justice for the people of Tainui but also about putting the boot into Tainui orchestrated, for reasons unknown wanting this upstart maori outfit (TGH) to implode and disappear up its own arse. The vitriol against Mike Pohio speaks volumes.

    You almost write like an ex Tainui boss / errant journo with disregard for the Mack truck trying to run you over. TGH are a corporation in every sense of the word and
    if not careful sooner ot later the banksters will come and savage them when they are at their weakest. Think it will not happen, better think again?

    Corporate capitalism is inherently evil and view us all as dead peasants. Anyone who thinks differently need only look at the dirty criminal actions of Commonwealth Bank of Australia and what they did to mum and dad investors in Australia. Its bad!


  3. Charlie B
    Sep 14, 2014 @ 13:47:16

    Off Topic an article by Daphe Lawless18th Aug 2014 states “Slater and other Right-wing bloggers to actually prevent substantive political debate; to drive voters away from all politics and activists away from fighting corporate malfeasance.

    Personalised attacks demoralise their targets and evoke uncertainty among their supporters. No-one wants to deal with the “mad dogs” who inhabit the comments of Whale Oil or Kiwiblog on a daily basis.

    Slater and his mates want you to think that all politics and activism is dirty and everyone trying to change things is a venal scumbag.”

    Does that have a familiar ring to it? There were several Kiwi companies who went to the GCSB and complained that they were being unfairly targetted by trolling blog sites intent on wrecking their businesses. What happened after that is a mystery?

    According to an article in Scoop “The spying of the GCSB has little to do with security, business and diplomatic manipulation is the aim. There is no such thing as ‘oversight’ or ‘control’ of the GCSB. When it was revealed that the GSCB was illegally spying on Kiwis, the law was changed to make this legal”. “Previous oversight of the GCSB failed to reveal the criminal activities of the GCSB or allow any proper supervision by Parliament.”

    The fact that 63% of children living in poverty in beneficiary households, half of them in solo parent dwellings is proof that benefits like the DPB meant to support children are not working? National has a long tradition of beneficiary bashing used to garner support from supporters. They don’t care about starving children? Out of sight out of mind.

    When John Key says he is telling the truth what is the bet that the K Ones will vote this clown back in power because how else could you explain handing the reins to a sycophant who has a hidden agenda and a plan that does not include any of us.
    This guy marches to the beat of a different drum and he is part of a bigger picture.
    Get out there and vote people, regardless of who you vote for.


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