No Tainui money for sports… Tainui games coming up…

Our Waka Ama club had recently applied for tribal funding, although ours is a new club the excitement and enthusiasm running through the community is high and wonderful to see for all involved! Imagine our dismay when we were told that there is no money available to support our paddlers even though the vast majority of our participants are from the Waikato tribe! Isn’t it funny how Tuku, Rahui, and the gang can find millions of dollars for Auckland lawyers but the purse is suddenly empty when it comes to supporting grassroots initiatives such as ours!

Bring forth the Tainui games which appears every 2 years. The tribe contributes about $100,000 – peanuts really – towards the cost of the games, while the rest is taken up by sponsors. Its such small change for something that only comes round every 2 years. More needs to be given back to the tribal community… a whole lot more.

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  1. Makerealbany
    Jan 23, 2014 @ 03:18:28

    It’s really sad that an initiative can not be supported. It’s also really disgusting that our money can be spent by whoever for whatever when it suits those in power. I shake my head in despair. My 86 year old mother doesn’t understand why we don’t throw them all out and get ” Young intelligent, educated people to lead us Taku Tamahine. What’s wrong with you all? Stand up for yourselves. What will be left for my Mokopuna if they waste all the money? It’s up to you younger people ”
    She then sighs and said ” Those lawyers cost money. I know. “


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