Some notes about the banning of Native Affairs from Turangawaewae

  • Tuku Morgan, as unpleasant as ever

    Tuku Morgan, as unpleasant as ever

    TUKU MORGAN teaches ’em who’s got the biggest ego, who’s the boss and who’s got the power!

  • ‘Punishing’ the journos over the Native Affairs exposé that revealed the outrageous financial goings on at TKR.
  • But what is Tuku afraid of, and what have they got to hide?
  • Morgan wanted the truth to be buried —again— sorry Tuku, not gonna happen!
  • In effect turning what should have been a routine press conference into a MUCH bigger story.
  • Resulting in EGG all over the faces of the Maori king and his goons Morgan, Whakaruru and co.
  • Damaging the reputation of the wider Tainui tribe —yet again!
  • Morgan’s credibility was lost long ago.
  • The heroic Native Affairs reporters having been made the focal point of the story come out smiling from ear to ear.
  • In the industry this is called BLOWBACK lol!

MAUI STREET: Our double reality: on being Maori and being political

WAIKATOPOLITX: Kohanga media ban vindictive & suspicious

NZ HERALD: Native Affairs ban ‘not sensible’

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  1. Makerealbany
    Apr 16, 2014 @ 18:03:24

    Tuku Morgan ought to realise he is not God. Those that support his egonomics ought to consider the impact of their actions on our Tamariki. Those at the top will fall heavily eventually. Sooner rather than later I hope.


  2. Hone Turei
    Apr 18, 2014 @ 08:29:24

    The Reality is, they didn’t want bullshit spinning from Native affairs hence why they were banned from the hui


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Apr 18, 2014 @ 10:42:05

      If that is the case then Tuku would have defamation charges laid against them wouldn’t he? Wedding dresses, $50,000 koha’s WTF?


      • Hone Turei
        Apr 19, 2014 @ 09:51:26

        Yeah but that’s already been on TV, you don’t need to dwell in that shit. Heoi ano, the hui was more around restructuring for Kohanga Reo, not so much where this went and what did this do. After all, the we from the motu did say that Tuku shouldn’t be speaking at that hui because he was board member, then he was taken off by the King.

        Tuku had nothing to hide, he never spent any of that money. Iritana and her daughter in-law did. So i’m glad that Native Affairs was banned, they just use topics like this to gain a higher viewing rate.

    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Apr 20, 2014 @ 09:00:35

      So you say that Tuku has nothing to hide, by your logic it goes that he banned the reporters because he had nothing to hide? Surely the lovelies from Native Affairs are there to report the news. Ask yourself who was responsible for making the news?


      • Remu Wilson
        Apr 20, 2014 @ 11:28:23

        I agree that Media was banned. If people needed to know or wanted to know then they should have turned up to the hui to hear it for themselves rather then spinning stories that the media sometimes MAKES up just for viewing rates.

        After all it was a HUI.

      • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
        Apr 21, 2014 @ 07:46:58

        Remu, we would love to hear about the wedding dresses, the expensive women’s fashion clothing, and the mega koha bonuses given out to their friends by TKR hierarchy. Unfortunately the people responsible for this mess are keeping their mouths shut (even to deny the spending) and it stinks. These people are meant to be trusted – but it appears that they are crooks.

  3. Makerealbany
    Apr 18, 2014 @ 13:03:34



  4. Hinekiwhiurangi Tangoao
    Apr 21, 2014 @ 17:00:15

    I reira koe i te hui e te kaikawenga o ERAKA’S Blog? Mehemea i reira koe, TUATAHI ake, ko te kaupapa,ko te whakaemihia i ngaa mahi o te pooari, otira te anga whakamua hoki. I reira i whakatakotoria ai he tauira mo taatou ngaa kohanga reo ki te aru atu. Mehemea kaare maatou e pai ki weera tauira, a, na matou ngaa kohanga reo hei whiriwhiri i teetehi atu. Ehara te hui ra hei whiu i te niti ki a wai ki wai me nga hara i harangia ai e raatou.

    TUARUA, kei te whakaae au i te whakakorenga me te aukati o te taenga mai o Native affairs ki roto ki te hui nei, mehemea kei te hiahia ngaa iwi ki te pana paatai ki te kimikimi koorero naa raatou teera ki te tae mai ki te hui i Turangawaewae, i te kore, a, naa ratou te hee i te kore moohio i ahatia me ngaa putea o te kohanga reo. Kaua e waiho ma ngaa kairipoata hei tini koorero ki ngaa korero ake o te hui.


    Why didn’t you (The admin to this page) Shot that question at the hui? why didn’t you ask for yourself to find out where the $$$ had been spent and why and by whom and how much.

    Ae kei te raru maatou me ngaa puutea o te Kohanga Reo, heoi ano, he kaupapa nui rawa atu ki te puutea mo weetehi o maatou o te Kohanga, he aha teera? ko NGA TAMARIKI MOKOPUNA o te Koohanga reo, waiho maa ratou hei ngaua i raatou ano, engari ko taa maatou, ki te ako, ki te manaaki i ngaa mokopuna ki roto i teenei waa taumaha o te Kohanga reo

    Koia hoki koe, ki te whakaporearea i ngaa mahi tika.

    Pokokohua kia koe e te Admin o te blog nei.


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Apr 22, 2014 @ 17:28:41

      You know full well that they have clammed up about all the controversial issues regarding the Native Affairs report. At present they are hiding behind their lawyers and, for a long time as they hope that the issues will go away. If I had asked the question of them do you think I would have gotten a straight answer at the hui? Of course not!


      • Hinekiwhiurangi Tangoao
        Apr 23, 2014 @ 01:51:25

        So would Native Affairs have gotten a straight answer if they were at the hui? Of course not!

        All Native affairs would have done was, to try and make the hui about those other issues, rather then focusing on the reasons of the hui, which I stated above and which you totally missed.

        So once again, if you were at the hui why didn’t YOU (Person hiding behind a blog page) fire the questions? if they won’t answer you, then of course they won’t answer the Media. Why? Because that’s all they (Media) want to know, and so do the rest of us, but stated above is my real reasons of carrying on (Something else you’ve missed)

        You could have been a genuine innocent Kaumatua wanting to know and they MAY have answered your questions, after all it was a hui and a very opinionative hui. I don’t know why the people who brought up that issue never brought that topic up, they were there, they were given a chance to speak. But what was more important (Oh, you missed it), Ka aroha hoki.

        So would Native Affairs have gotten a straight answer if they were invited into the hui? Of course not!

        Nga mihi

      • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
        Apr 23, 2014 @ 05:30:27

        H.Tangoao, so by your logic, anybody who asked the difficult questions of TKR would not have gotten a straight answer anyway?

  5. Hinekiwhiurangi Tangoa
    Apr 23, 2014 @ 10:17:18

    And your point of wanting Native Affairs in the hui to seek answer that they probably wouldn’t have got answered is pointless too.

    Ka pai koe, katahi raa ano kua hipa te kaupapa i o mata


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Apr 23, 2014 @ 13:13:10

      So what were they afraid of I wonder? You are another who wanted reporters banned, because you say TKR have nothing to hide??? What are they trying cover up?

      But you appear to be somewhat confused. It did not matter that the reporters were banned from the hui itself, but that the NA reporters were singled out and banned from asking questions at the post-hui media conference.


  6. Tontoscuz
    Apr 24, 2014 @ 10:43:49

    Good robust discussion here, I agree with the media band – of the mainstream programmes but not for Native Affairs, given that Native Affairs have presenters that also promote the reo, and could have sent the korero to those who couldn’t make the hui (seems we are forgetting those who have good reasons like being in hospital).
    Also the hard questions should be asked of them because they are the reasons that the board were put in the spotlight, and although there were people that didn’t misuse funds – those around should have asked the questions BEFORE it got to this stage, and if they didn’t want to then they shouldn’t be there.


  7. Makerealbany
    Apr 25, 2014 @ 15:44:00

    I agree with everything you have said Tontoscuz. Where are the accountability boundaries for the members on the board? Why aren’t there systems in place to ensure that funds could not be misused by individuals for personal gain? It appears that accountability is non existent. What skills have the Board members brought to the table when they all allow this fiasco to happen wether by design or ignorance they are all still liable. Do they ask themselves” How will this benefit our Tamariki?” That is the question they should ask before they spend even a dollar of the Putea.


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