They would like to think of us as sheep…

sheep-ruled-by-wolves-owned-by-pigsWe have to say that “sheep” is an accurate description of what the tribal “elite” think of us ordinary Tainui folk… sheep that are being led by the wolves in order to be shorn, fleeced, and butchered.


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  1. Ngawai Robinson
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 08:05:09

    It’s been an interesting week in local politics with TGH shifting gear by by-passing HCC’s jumping hoops programme, elevating the hub to a major work of national significance. The CE Mr Pohio has engaged the environment protection agency board of inquiry. It’s shaping up to be another 13 year hikoi of disastrous proportions. Your best option to advance our business case Mr Pohio is direct face to face engagement with the Prime Minister since it falls in line with Nationals brighter future policies you’ll gain greater traction and faster by-in with lot less angst than if you negotiated with the BoI.

    Tuheitia was the only moderator to Mr Morgan’s ambitious plans for world domination of Waikato Tainui’s asset base. The moment Tuheitia abdicated Mr Morgan grabbed his opportunity to become king in everything but name. Tuheitia’s son is Mr Morgan’s puppet since the son hasn’t been coronated to fulfil the role his father dumbed on him.

    The newly elected deputy chair of TKI must cooperate with the chair of TA to act on our behalf to protect our asset base. I disagree with the TKI Secretary’s collusive actions supporting Mr Morgan to disrupt TKIs agendas, the nepotism stops with me speaking up.

    I also disagree with Nanaia Mahuta colluding with Mr Morgan to disenfranchise the rights of every member of Waikato Tainui under this falsely premised Restructure.

    What’s wrong with the TKI officers are they adverse to supporting the ordinary people of Waikato.TKI must use court action to stop this absurd public slanging match. It’s the ordinary people of Waikato Tainui caught up in extraordinary events paying the price for your inaction TKI…. I welcome your comments to my posting.


  2. Charlie B
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 09:17:56

    There will be one very clear winner out of all of this and that will be Tuku because he has a plan and unfortunately that plan does not include you or I. These guys are stamping out all dissention through abject abuse of power totally disregarding all the rules and norms of a movement created as a unifying force now being shredded.

    These are the hallmarks of tyranny and secrecy used as cover to set TGH up as their own little cash cow further down the track. I predict Tainui “if not careful” will be rolled and picked over by some offshore Honky group doing a deal with the banks / secured creditors advised by their token little brownie insiders.

    That is only one possible outcome and not a good one I might add. What ever is going on there is something very bad happening here and these things tend to take on a life of its own. Sooner or later something is going to give because it cannot carry on like this. Even the best laid plans go astray.

    Banks do not like shit like this because it makes them nervous especially when it is linked to projects where the natives are starting to chuck spears at each other. Fucken maoris you cannot trust them to behave them selves, watching too much once were “:worriers” crap. Tuku the man with the plan aye, well its going to be fun to watch. Wish you luck brother your going to need it!


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